Saturday, July 3, 2010

Atty Jennings Letter to Eita, suggesting Emily might desire to be locked up for 180 more days!

Hello Eita,

At this point in time I do not feel fully prepared to go forward with
the court hearing this Thursday, for a number of reasons, but
primarily because I currently am unsure just what Emily wants to do.
Additionally, the case has become so complicated, with so many
participants, that it likely will take at least 2-3 hours to fully
present. I still need to talk with Dr Watson, and if we do intend to
use him as a witness (as you would like) then the Attorney General's
Office likely also will want to talk to him before the hearing. For
hearings of this length, the court requires us to specially set them
for a Wednesday afternoon, or before a Judge in a downtown courtroom.
And your request for a Lithuanian interpreter further complicates
things, as it's difficult for get interpreters for less prominent
languages out to WSH, but the court clerks are looking into it.
(Though Emily seemed puzzled by your request.)

Bottom line right now is that we are going to postpone this hearing
for a least two weeks, maybe more. I do think that you and I should
meet again, probably a few more times before the hearing. But I am
not available today (Tuesday, June 29, 2010) as I am involved in a
jury trial that began yesterday in downtown Tacoma, and looks like it
may last into tomorrow (Wednesday). I could probably meet Thursday or
Friday afternoon, if one of those would work with you.

Finally, I spent quite a bit of time talking to Emily about this last
night. She is quite comfortable postponing the hearing, and in fact
she seemed relieved. At one point she told me that in fact she would
prefer to stay at WSH for another 180 days, but at other times also
that going home would be okay, though more tentatively. Please
understand that in this matter Emily is my client, and ultimately I
have to take my directions from her. At this point I am still trying
to understand just how she wants this situation resolved. And quite
honestly, after our meeting with her together, I am concerned that you
are trying to direct this process, rather than allowing her to, and I
am not certain that she agrees entirely with your plan or your
approach. This is something we need to discuss more fully before any
hearing as well.

So, please let me know your availability to meet Thursday or Friday
afternoon. On this occasion, I would welcome input from any
companions you would like to bring along with you.

Regards! ~Chris Jennings

Christopher Jennings, Supervising Attorney
Pierce County Department of Assigned Counsel
Mental Health Advocacy Unit at Western State Hospital
9601 Steilacoom Blvd SW, Bldg 25
Lakewood WA 98498-7213
Office: 253-756-2310 Direct: 253-761-3316
Fax: 253-584-5803 Cell: 253-232-9560


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  2. I'm confused by this case at this point. I want to help out from what I read on the MindFreedom site. I thought Emily's situation was just miscommunication with a bureaucracy. I read here that it sounds like she sexually molested a little girl by touching her breast. It makes no sense that she was carrying the girl, that the child was screaming, and that Emily tried to cover the child's mouth. How do we know all of this? Why did she do any of it? Now the lawyer says in the letter that Emily doesn't want to leave the hospital. It's stated that Emily needs an interpreter, yet she speaks English. Does she have a comprehension difficulty? So why are we asked to help get her out of the hospital? Has Emily done all this because she is crazy? Sounds like we haven't been told the whole story and that she needs to be hospitalized.